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Gravity-Formed Formwork

Gravity-Formed Formwork


Architecture, Film, Research, Speculative, Material Study

Presented alongside the film "Ultra-Smooth" December 22, 2022 at the MIT Media Lab as part of my Master of Architecture thesis.

MArch Thesis abstract:

"The title of this thesis, ultra-smooth, is an invented term -- a neologism defined by the work produced through this study. Through physical prototypes of formwork shaped by gravity for concrete floors and through the observation of gravity’s effect on the generation of such forms through high-speed photography and slow-motion film, this thesis challenges the notion of architecture as an act of defying gravity and instead embraces it. While smoothness, which draws attention to skin and surface, favors the architect as a designer of images whose work is translated from drawings and digital models, ultra- smooth finds its form, like clothing on a body. Leaving the computer and pen and paper behind, ultra- smooth positions the architect in a mode of surrender rather than control, giving form to natural forces, present but not yet visible."

Advisor: Antón García-Abril
Readers: Renée Green and John Ochsendorf

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