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Architecture, Research, Design

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During the summer of 2021 I worked as a research assistant for a cross-departmental team at MIT called "CARBON>BUILDING" lead by Prof. Mark Goulthorpe to develop a proposal for MIT's Climate Grand Challenge Initiative. I designed and modeled a mock-up of the proposed fabrication facility and rendered the facility and campus . I also composed and produced the soundtrack for the final proposal video.

From the CARBON>BUILDING proposal summary:

"The CARBON>BUILDING initiative looks to enable a diverse group of carbon enthusiasts, from both MIT and pioneering industry groups, to be able to greatly accelerate the deployment of novel forms of carbon into efficient and environmentally benign buildings. We propose establishing a dedicated Fabrication Laboratory on the MIT North campus in Middleton, MA, that permits material science experimentation through prototyping and testing to large- format CNC and 3D print all-carbon pilot buildings to enable carbon shrouds for carbon organisms." (

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